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Patricia Geary

January, 2018

Over a long career, Patricia Leonard Geary has been an oil painter, an acrylic painter and a clay hand-builder. She has loved all these mediums but when Wolf Kahn told her, "You are a complete, total expressionist and you should never do anything else," she found her path and started painting large, non objective abstract oil paintings.

But she never gave up her love for plein air painting which involves going out into the beautiful outdoor landscape and joining her artist friends to capture the beauty of whatever part of the world she is in. And there have been many parts of the world which have lured her and her paintbrush. From Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands and half of our own wonderful country, she has spent her life in art.

There have been many highlights, including the Florence Biennial, an adjunct to Grandmother Moses blockbuster at the Orlando Museum of Art, an exhibition of Irish genre paintings at ArtWorks Orlando, and shows around the world, solo shows and galleries and museums and exhibitions too numerous to mention. Her oils, acrylics and sculptures have won many awards.

She considers her major work to be the expressionist paintings. Geary says, "When I am working on an abstract, I might be inspired by a mood, an event or a thought. I can attempt to visually tell what I feel to an audience and hope they enjoy and feel what I am trying to say. It's like writing a journal in code."

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