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Meet our Members: This month

Gloria Dalton

November, 2017

I am both an artist and a scientist. I currently work as a Forensic Scientist and have a Masters degree in Chemistry.

I love to draw, paint and sew. I learned to draw before I learned to write. When I was about 17, I abandoned my love of creating art because my art teacher said I wasn't the best "drawer" in his class (but that I was sincere and kind. ) It wasn't until a few years ago that a coworker saw one of doodles and said, "Gloria, you've got some real talent. You should do something with it." That was in 2013 and I've been creating art ever since. I consider artist style as, "Lyrebird singing".

My artwork includes drawing comic book characters, landscapes, charcoal, acrylic and oil painting, and ink drawings. Last October ,one of my ink drawings was featured in the New York Comic Con's Wall of Wonder; Warner Brothers and DC comics were celebrating the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman. Later that month, my artwork was featured at the United Nations when Wonder Woman was named Honorary Ambassador for Peace. That was a huge honor for me.

I have just completed a 24" x72" oil painting of Themiscyra that I've been working on for almost 6 months!!! Themiscyra is a mythical city of paradise and home of Wonder Woman and the Amazonian women. Right now I am participating in the #Inktober challenge.

You can find me and pictures of my artwork Instagram, Facebook, and Deviant art under the name Sweepyeye.

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