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Barbara Gentry

December, 2017

Early in her painting endeavors, Barbara took oil painting classes from
German portrait artist, Sigurd Schmidt.

He stressed to his students that no amount of paint could cover up bad drawing and his students were not allowed to pick up a brush in his class until he was satisfied that they could produce a decent drawing.

Barbara has taken many art classes since, in Huntsville, Alabama; Boca Raton, Florida; West Palm Beach, Florida; Raleigh, North Carolina; Cotto, Italy; and Savannah, Georgia; but she says she always felt that Mr. Schmidt had the most influence on her art.

Though most of her work has been in oils, she has always loved doing graphite pencil drawings, and she also fell in love with watercolor.

Barbara loves painting portraits of people, pets, and homes in each of these mediums. In the past few years she has discoveredpainting en plein air and enjoys the challenges of painting in outside locations.

You may see Barbara's art work on her web site:

Her paintings are in private homes and businesses throughout the United States and abroad.

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