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Meet our Members: This month

Tiffany O'Brien

August, 2017

To see my work is to view something that initially seems sugary sweet. If you look a little longer however you'll notice a little something more. A little more... DARK... let's say.

A lot of my inspirations comes from my childhood while some inspirations comes from my dreams of running away with the circus. How grand that would be!

I love to juxtapose cute with creepy, vintage with modern and topping it off with something a bit twisted. All while making it something pretty for the eyes to see.

I've been creating my entire life. I've been a professional at it for over twenty years. I'm self taught therefore I am always learning. Most of my works are in oils but I dabble in other mediums when the notion strikes me.

My pieces have been shown nation wide. Make that world wide! I have pieces living as far away as Canada and South Africa. A television personality even has one of my pieces!

I feel my art makes some people happy, while it makes others perplexed, I like that.

My art pulls me around in this life meeting new and exciting people all along the way. So far it has taken me from Winston-Salem, NC to New York City to now Tybee Island Georgia. What an adventure!

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